Notes and Readings from League of Women Voters presentation February 28, 2005

On February 28, Virginia McLean and Benny Lendermon gave presentations to the League of Women Voters on the subject of the land bridge. Here are some notes and further readings from Virginia McLean's presentation.

The RDC's land bridge, as shown in the Master Plan.

Photos and Plan renderings
  • The satellite image was obtained from TerraServer ( The image was photographed on January 29, 1997. The river's level on that date was 16.5 feet.
  • Overlay images of the land bridge and other Master Plan components were extracted directly from a mapview drawing by Cooper Robertson & Partners, prepared for the RDC. The drawing appears in the published Master Plan, and at one time appeared on the RDC Web site.
  • The drainage service area for the Gayoso Pumping Station is based on a 1914 City map of the North Memphis Levee system, by J.H. Weatherford, City Engineer, which is still in general use.
  • The computer model of the Master Plan appears on our site here; it can also be found on the Cooper Robertson & Partners Web site.
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