Catching Up

If you missed them, here are some news articles, pictures of Sue’s Bluff walk, and a video of the canoe race in the harbor.

Just this past week or two, there were articles and letters to the editor about the riverfront in the Commercial Appeal and Daily News that you’ll want to read. They are posted in the library. To get there, click on Library in the menu bar above, or use the following links:

Saturday was the perfect day for Sue’s Summer Solstice Bluff Walk – one of those low-humidity, sunny, temperate days that we get every now and then in Memphis. Below is a picture of the group that strolled and another of the spectacular red sunset they enjoyed.

And just for fun – If you have a cable connection and a bit of patience, here’s a link to a very large file of a video of the 24th Annual Outdoors Canoe and Kayak Race which was held in the river and harbor on April 30th.

Summer Solistice Walk