Memphis featured in PPS Newsletter on Waterfronts

And they'll be here March 31 to lead us in an interactive, on-site "Placemaking" workshop on the riverfront.
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The February Project for Public Spaces newsletter takes a look at “Waterfront Renaissance” and the opportunity waterfronts bring to create great public spaces. Memphis is included as they discuss how to turn a waterfront around, the challenges, failures, mistakes, and successes.

The values of a community, its history, uniqueness, geography, and culture are all involved in a waterfront’s renaissance. As PPS points out, “A waterfront project for a town resembles a blank canvas for an artist. Anything is possible, including a masterpiece. Because it is so central to the life of that community, representing so many competing claims about its history and where it is now headed, there's an opportunity for a breakthrough in how people in that place think of themselves. Will the city stay on the familiar course of standard-issue condos, office towers and road construction, or will it boldly assert community values--and maintain the essential publicness of the waterfront--by creating a gathering spot that attracts and inspires us?”

PPS will be in Memphis on March 31 to lead Memphians in taking a fresh look at the riverfront. As PPS says, “The basic question on everyone's lips will be: How can the waterfront attract people and connect neighborhoods to their public spaces? When the goal is to optimize public use of the waterfront, then development and design will evolve to support the community's needs and aspirations.”

Click here to read the PPS newsletter.

And come join the discussion on March 31. Your input and involvement can help shape the future of our waterfront. As Charleston, S. C. Mayor Riley said, it’s our “finest edge,” and as you’ve said, “it’s our #1 treasure.” We have a shot at creating a masterpiece for ourselves and future generations.