Beale Street Landing Revisions - Project Gets 106 Approval

The 106 review of Beale Street Landing led to some design modifications and project approval by the TN State Historic Preservation Office. With that hurdle cleared, BSL is now eligible to receive the federal, state, and city money already earmarked for it.

Of the estimated $29.4 million cost, the Federal government is to provide 25.3% ($7,457, 026), the State 10.7% ($3,164,000), and the City 64% ($18,800,000). The City Council has approved issuing bonds to pay for $11 million of the City’s share and will be asked to approve the additional $7.8 million.

Design changes reduced the vertical impact of BSL by moving one of the islets/pods closer to Riverside Drive and switched the paint color on the helical loading ramp and floating dock from red to rust. The report also says that over time the ipe wood on the pods will weather to a softer gray, as shown in the illustrations, making the project less intrusive; that appropriately designed historic signage will be added; and that native plants will be used. BSL approval is based on careful archaeological monitoring being scheduled and implemented and on a smooth transition between Beale Street Landing and the Cobblestones that will clearly differentiate between the new and original materials. Restoration and future use of the cobblestone landing was not addressed.

The RDC had anticipated that Homeland Security regulations would block private boat use of the dock, but the TDOT report states that the boat dock will be open for private boaters.

The 106 review, required by federal law, deals only with historic preservation issues. Questions and concerns about BSL’s intrusion into Tom Lee Park and financial viability were not considered as part of the review process.

Click here to see new design illustrations, read TDOT's report, and read the TN Historic Preservation Committee's letter of requirements and approval.