Riverfront Suggestion

The goal -- make Memphis a better city. Here’s a riverfront suggestion from outdoor enthusiast Joe Royer. In a letter to Benny Lendermon, he asks the Riverfront Development Corp., to consider rebuilding the boat ramp at the North end of Mud Island.


Would you please consider rebuilding the boat ramp at the North end
of Mud Island?

I've talked to the two canoe clubs in town, the Wolf River Conservancy, and a few more paddling friends. We know of over 3000 trips between the mouth of the Wolf River and the harbor by canoe and kayak for 2008.

As you probably know, I paddle most days up to the mouth of the Wolf
in my daily work out. I see several fisherman and hunters using the
TWRA ramp. They struggle in the swift current and wind. Their boats
are always being banged around. The fisherman and hunters would
love the easier access.

As a graduate from the Civil Engineering Dept. of the U of M, I have
deep respect for engineering design skills. Making this work, even
with an unstable bank, could easily be done. Everything on Mud Island is

A new well designed boat ramp could also be an aid to stabilizing the
area near the power lines.

Maybe this could be part of the stimulus package.

Thanks for considering my idea.
Joe Royer