Solstice Hike Along River

Sat., June 13, 6:45 pm
Yes, the hike is a few days before the solstice this year, so be sure that doesn’t throw you off.

Join Sue Williams for the Sierra Club Chickasaw Group’s walk on the Chickasaw Bluff Trail. The Trail was saved for the public by the Chickasaw Bluffs Conservancy, the Sierra Club, and other organizations. There will be information about: their successful effort, effluent being discharged from the wastewater treatment plan, and the effect on air quality of electricity production at the TVA steam plan, visible from this area.

It’s an easy 2.5 mile walk on paved surface with a spectacular view of the Mississippi River - a great location for sunset photos. Meet at the Butler Park entrance on TN Street at the intersection with Butler Ave. next to the old Tennessee Brewery. For a map, click HERE.