Plan Presented for Cobblestone Landing Restoration

Here's the proposal of how to restore the Cobblestone Landing presented to the public on Aug. 11.

2 Big Problems:
1. Riprap - Blocks access to the water for people and boats
2. Sidewalk - It looks like a stroll around the edge of a lake, but the Mississippi River and Memphis harbor are not a lake. Water levels at Memphis rise and fall approximately 50' each year.

High water

Low water

Approximately where that sidewalk would be.

And a Question: Since we do care about quality of life and recreation issues, we want an authentic Memphis waterfront to support boating, tourism and economic revitalization downtown. How can RDC's plan for our cobblestone landing respond better to these concerns?

Note: To hear an audio recording of the Aug. 11 meeting and view the RDC powerpoint/hand-out, click HERE. To read the Flyer's take on the meeting, click HERE.