1996 Preservation Plan and Recommendations

Around 1983 the City stopped maintaining the landing, and in 1994 tore up a section of cobblestones without required permits. Stopped by the Corps of Engineers, the City entered into a Memorandum of Agreement that required Memphis to conduct a historical and archaeological assessment of the area and to create and implement a Preservation Plan for the landing.

The 1996 Preservation Plan is the only plan for the landing prepared by qualified experts. It called the Cobblestone Landing “the best preserved” of all the great boat landings in the MS River basin and found it eligible to be nominated to become a National Historic Landmark.

The Preservation Plan gives specific recommendations on how to restore the landing. The guidelines include:
  • Continue the gradual 1:6 slope down to the 0 water level,

  • Replace missing and damaged areas with limestone pavers laid in a bed of sand,

  • Restore the mooring rings, and

  • If needed, add a retaining system that does not create a hazard to navigation.

Click HERE for the assessment and plan.

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