Online Job Site Recommends 10 Greenest Cities

One of Memphis’s goals is to Make Memphis a “Place of Choice” for knowledge workers.
Last week, the web job site,, listed America’s 10 greenest cities and recommended job searchers, “take a look at these bright spots.” Let’s add Memphis to that list. What happens on the Memphis riverfront can make a difference.

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“If you love the outdoors and are environmentally conscious, you may consider earth-friendly living very compiled a list of America’s 10 greenest cities for those of us who want to keep the earth blooming. If you are in the middle of a job search right now, take a look at these bright spots to help find a city that matches your desire to be environmentally friendly. A better job awaits in one of these beautiful metropolises.

1. Austin, Texas
Austin has taken a proactive approach in developing green energy power sources. Austin also leads the rest of the United States in wind power and biodiesel production. The city hopes to soon convert some of its vehicles to hybrids. Local leadership has developed plans to be the most energy-efficient city in the nation by 2015. If you are looking for a zero net-energy capable home for your family, come to Austin, where all newly built homes will meet that standard in the next few years

2. Berkeley, California
Berkeley has a high population density, but area residents have used this fact to their advantage in their efforts to expand pedestrian and bike commuting. U.C. Berkeley has helped the area to expand clean-technology and will continue to do so in the coming years.

3. Boston, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts leads the nation in many green initiatives. One area in South Boston soon hopes to generate its own power by utilizing the used cooking oil from area restaurants.

4. Chicago, Illinois
Chicago leads the Midwest in developing recycling programs and other environmentally conscious initiatives. The city promotes green building and buys renewable energy. Millions of visitors and residents utilize the public transportation system, which helps to reduce hazardous emissions.

5. Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis has begun to utilize renewable energy and encourage the construction of green buildings. The city has also enacted simple solutions – such as changing how utility fees are charged – to encourage all citizens to reduce their environmental impact.

6. New York, New York
New York uses its population density to its advantage. Only half of New Yorkers have cars and citizens in general use less power than the average American. The city’s proximity to the Atlantic and compact design require that it aid the fight against global warming.

7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia monitored urban sprawl carefully, which allows almost a third of its citizens to commute via public transportation. Over 1,500 Philadelphia residents purchase clean power and the city supports citizens who want to generate their own.

8. Portland, Oregon
Portland has hundreds of miles in bike paths and many citizens who use them. Portland was the first American city (in 1993) to enact a Global Warming Action Plan and continues efforts to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

9. San Francisco, California
San Francisco supports a successful recycling plan but has also introduced a composting program that fuels alternative-energy cars and trucks. San Francisco also became the first city in America to ban the use of petroleum-based plastic shopping bags in grocery stores, opting for biodegradable or paper bags instead.

10. Seattle, Washington
Seattle has encouraged area businesses to aid its environmental efforts via the Seattle Climate Partnership. The city is also spending over $30 million in the coming years to be the best bicycling community in the country.”