Beale Street Landing Pushed even as Money Problems Loomed

When money problems arose for Beale Street Landing in Feb. 2009, the Riverfront Development Corporation (RDC) aggressively pushed the project while keeping Interim-Mayor Myron Lowery and City Councilmembers in the dark.

Questions Haunt Beale Street Landing Project
BILL DRIES The Daily News

The president of the Riverfront Development Corp. said earlier this week the organization may have been too aggressive in pursuing the Beale Street Landing project, even when federal stimulus funding dried up.

Benny Lendermon said perhaps RDC officials should have then scaled back the project.

But they didn’t.

Lendermon’s post mortem on a critical stage of the project comes as the Memphis City Council prepares to vote later this month on $10.5 million in city funding for a construction contract on the project's next to last phase.

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