Gather at the River

Stewardship of the river - our water, public land, and cultural heritage - is the fundamental goal of Friends for Our Riverfront.

On Sept. 24th and 25th there's an exciting opportunity to gather near the river, at Bridges (477 North 5th Street @ A. W. Willis/Auction Str.) for a faith-based conference on the mighty Mississippi and the challenges and opportunities to be good stewards of this incredible asset.

The speaker Friday night is John M. Barry, historian and award-winning author of "Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America," the extraordinary best-seller that captured the might of the river and covered the history and social effect of the 1927 flood.

And Saturday's schedule is filled with a long list of interesting speakers and break-out sessions. For information and to reserve tickets, click HERE.

Gather at the river - it's an opportunity river lovers won't want to miss.