Bass Pro/Pyramid/Pinch in the News

A time line since May of LINKS to news articles & documents:

* May 18 - City plans to use its share of federal recovery act bonds to redevelop The Pyramid and Pinch District: a) $27.7M in economic development bonds to be used by City and b) $41.6M in facility bonds to be used by private businesses. Federal recovery act bonds are issued by local governments at reduced interest rates. Click HERE.

* Late June - Cost of the Pyramid/Pinch Project before City Council is $63M. Click HERE.

* July 9 - Public Accountability Initiative releases a report on Bass Pro: Fishing for Taxpayer Cash: Bass Pro's Record of Big-League Subsidies, Failed Promises, and the Consequences for Cities Across America. Click HERE.

* Oct. 5 - Memphis Housing Authority gets $9.9 million Community Development Block Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to be used in the redevelopment of the Pyramid and Pinch District. Click HERE.

* Nov. 4 - Application filed by Bass Pro with the Center City Revenue Corporation for $110M in public financing. Click HERE.

* Nov. 9 - More details added. Click HERE.

* Nov. 10 - Center City Revenue Finance Corp. votes 7-0 to support as much as $125 million in revenue bonds for a $90 million revamp of The Pyramid for Bass Pro Shops and redevelopment of the surrounding neighborhood. Click HERE and HERE.

* Nov. 15 - Commercial Appeal editorial endorses project. Click HERE.

* Nov. 18 - Project is subject of Flyer cover story. Click HERE.

* Dec. 3 - $42M in bonds slated for project and required to be used by end of year are shifting to other projects, click HERE.

* Additional illustrations, Click HERE and HERE.