Nashville's Waterfront - Going Green & Environmentally Sound

Memphians have been enjoying the beauty and benefits of a natural riverfront along the Bluffwalk and at Greenbelt, Tom Lee, and Jefferson Davis Parks. And we’re starting to think about the bigger picture of cleaning up the harbor and creating a greenway around the harbor, along the waterfront, and a walkway/pathway to cross the Mississippi.

Now Nashville is jumping on the bandwagon. They’ve looked at Chattanooga and Louisville and seen the enormous benefits of waterfront parks. In Louisville the 85-acre riverside park is attracting a million people a year, and Nashville doesn’t want to miss the opportunity.

They've started to view the Cumberland River as a natural asset and a greener, people-friendly waterfront as the goal. A 6.5 acre play park on the river’s east bank will open this summer. But that’s just for starters. The future plan for 32-acres of Nashville’s waterfront includes environmental clean-up, trails, lawns, and an urban forest.

Click here for the article in the Tennessean.