Yahoo Travel Recommends 10 Stunning Riverfront Towns for Budget Travel

Memphis, Davenport, IA; San Antonio, TX; New Orleans; Minneapolis, MN; Cincinnati, OH; Beacon, NY; Hood River, OR; Augusta, KY; and Great Falls, MT.

Besides being affordable, what do these 10 have in common?

Parks, paths, recreation, historic uniqueness,
and, except for San Antonio, which isn't really on a river by Memphis standards,
they all tout stunning panoramic river views.
Do we really want to change that in Memphis by adding a "colorful topper" the size of an interstate sign to Beale Street Landing?

People thought this was a joke when the online Flyer posted it. But it's not. The shaft sign was submitted by the RDC to the Memphis Downtown Commission Design Review Board for approval. Review of the shaft/sign has been postponed until July.

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