Bass Pro's Sign Proposal for Pyramid & Downtown

UPDATE: Downtown Memphis Commission’s Design Review Board voted 5 -1 to approve Bass Pro's exterior Pyramid signs.  Click HERE.

Bass Pro's final proposal for adding a large number of commercial signs of all sizes to go on and around the Pyramid has been released and will be voted on by the Memphis Downtown Commission Design Review Board Tues., July 30, 2013.

Since these proposals will dominate the downtown and riverfront viewscape for the foreseeable future, please examine the details to insure that this meets with your approval. Click HERE for Bass Pro's application & DRB staff's report.

 Here are a few photos from the application and the map that shows proposed locations for the signs.
5-story structure for Front Street with digital ad/event signs facing N & S

entryway near TN Visitor's Center

monument style sign

map to indicate sign locations

bowling alley sign

for S, E, & W faces of Pyramid, each the size of 10 large highway billboards, silver & green halo light

If you have suggestions or comments, the DRB meeting will be open to the public or you mail email your comments to Brett Roler <> .