TN Brewery Untapped

Back in February it sounded like the TN Brewery was headed for demolition. Since then the community has not only voiced concern and a desire to rehab the historic, Riverbluff building, but taken action.
Volunteers are cleaning it up, building some temporary seating, hanging lights, and in general sprucing up the building for an experiment.

For 6 weekends, Apr. 24 - June 1, the Brewery will be back in action - open from 11am - 9pm Thurs. & Sat. and 11 am - 11 pm Fri. and Sat. for local brew, acoustic music, movies, and food truck fare.

Organizers are calling it a pre-vitalization. It's the same idea that Project for Public Spaces calls the LQC (lighter, quicker, cheaper) approach - an experiment orchestrated from the ground-up to see what works.

For more information on the organizers, donors, and how it happened, click HERE.

To volunteer on Apr. 12 or 19 to help get the building ready, email

You can follow the process and share your input on Facebook at Tennessee Brewery Untapped.