"Father of Environmental Justice" to Speak in Memphis

Twenty years after President Clinton’s Executive Order on Environmental Justice,  Dr. Robert Bullard,  often called the father of the environmental justice movement, will be in Memphis to present the keynote address at the annual environmental justice conference. 

This year the “Community Health, Environmental Justice and Clean Energy—A Community Grassroots Conference”  will be held at the University of Memphis in the University Center on Nov 1st.  Dr. Bullard's address begins at  9 am and will be followed by workshops that include one on "Mississippi River Fishing and River Ecology" and lunch.  

The conference, lunch, and parking in the garage at 505 Zach Curlin Street are free, but you must register ahead of time. To register, contact rita.harris@sierraclub.org
or call (901) 324-7757  

For more information on the conference, workshops, and Dr. Bullard, see