The City, Brooks Museum, and a block of the Memphis Riverfront (that's part of the historic Promenade)

What seemingly began as a consultant's recommendation for a relatively small "cultural amenity" on the riverbluff at Union and Front Street has ballooned into a massive building project that covers an entire block, leaves no space for a greenway, and violates an easement that provides free access to all Memphians.
Neither the City nor Brooks owns the property. The City has an easement to the land as a Public Promenade, and a duty to protect it. 

Since 2017, Friends for Our Riverfront has been trying to work with Brooks to find a way that a new museum would not cause enforcement of the easement. We have written letters, attended meetings, and entered into formal mediation, but with no success.

Therefore on Tuesday, FfOR filed a Complaint in Chancery Court against the City and Brooks. We are petitioning the court for a Temporary Restraining Order, Temporary Injunction, and Permanent Injunction.
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And a little glossary: 
Promenade: a place where one takes a walk for leisurely pleasure or for exercise, especially by a sea, lake, or river. 
Easement: a legal right to cross or otherwise use someone else's land for a specified purpose