The Cossitt - "Investing in a Sustainable Future"

"To be recognized globally as the city of choice in which to live, learn, work, and recreate" is stated as our City Vision on the cover of this year's CIP Overview booklet. It says we are "Investing in a Sustainable Future." So how does closing our libraries fit with this vision?

For years our branch libraries have been neglected, and none more so than the Cossitt, but closing the libraries to save $2M does not make Memphis a more vibrant city or a better place to live, learn, or work.

Before we close a library, its replacement should be planned and budgeted. Closing the historic downtown Cossitt will only leave us with another empty public building on the riverfront and a segment of Memphians without access to books and computers. There should be a public process to consider improvements and restoration of the Cossitt's historic addition, its use as a library or alternate public use, and, if it is to be closed, an alternate site plan for a downtown library.

Click here to read Otis Sanford's persuasive editorial on why we should save the Cossitt.
Click here to get a copy of Project for Public Spaces report. Their suggestions for ways to improve the Cossitt are on page 19.