Mud Island River Park: Let YOUR Voice Be Heard

What's this all about?

Taking care of our awesome Mississippi River at Memphis for future generations is really what this is all about. Let YOUR voice be heard.

Public study underway aims to decide what YOU want to do with Mud Island River Park.
Commercial Appeal's Sunday editorial offers fair warning: MIRP "has been overdeveloped before, and it would be a mistake to let that happen again."

HOW To Let YOUR Voice Be Heard:

1. Attend one of the public meetings. Let YOUR voice be heard.

Public meeting schedule:
Mar. 23 (Mon.), Mud Island River Park Harbor Landing, 101 Island Dr.,
Mar. 24 (Tues.), Raleigh United Methodist Church, 3295 Powers Road,
Mar. 31 (Tues.), Whitehaven Community Center gym, 4318 Graceland Dr.,
Apr. 2 (Thurs.), Memphis Botanic Garden, 750 Cherry Rd.
All of the meetings are from 5:45 pm to 7:15 pm.

2. Fill-out the online survey(anyway you want). Let YOUR voice be heard.

3. Tell your opinion to the Commercial Appeal and other local newscasters. Let YOUR voice be heard.
Click on these links:
* Commercial Appeal article. Add your comment.
* Commercial Appeal editorial. Add your comment.
* Send a letter-to-the-editor.
* Flyer article. Add your comment.

"Sing" - Let your voice be heard. Annie Lennox