Walk It Off

On Your Cobblestone Landing!

Memphis is ranked #35 of the 40 most-walkable cities in USA, according to the Atlanta Business Journal. Nashville ranks #39 but doesn't have a cobblestone landing like we do. Bless its heart!

Walking on cobblestones is healthy. Many professional physical therapists recommend it to improve our sense of balance. It also provides pressure point massage, and burns off calories! So, in the interest of our own health, let's ALL insist on proper restoration and routine maintenance of our cobblestones at Historic Cobblestone Landing on our Memphis riverfront.

BTW: The Top 5 most-walkable cities are: San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia. They have cobblestone streets. BUT none of them has a Cobblestone Landing. Bless their hearts!

Learn more about the health benefits of walking on cobblestones (click below).

Walking on Cobblestones

Oregon Research Institute studied 108 people who were over 60 years of age for the health benefits of walking on cobblestones. They came up with this wild idea after watching children and adults walking, exercising and dancing on cobblestone paths in China.

For 16 weeks, the researchers studied the Chinese acupuncture-based theory that walking on cobblestones is good for health by having 1/2 of their subjects walk on cobblestones for exercise. These subjects wore socks or were barefoot on a specially designed cobblestone like surface for exercise. The control group walked on traditional walking paths.

What were the finds? They found that all the subjects reported improvements in how they felt with a walking program. However, in 16 weeks the subjects who walked on cobblestones showed marked improvement in blood pressure and balance and experienced significant improvements in mental and physical well-being, including reductions in blood pressure and pain levels. So find find some cobblestones and start walking!

To learn more about the study, click here.