Down to Earth: Celebrate a Milestone

AND Test Your Savvy on our Earth Day Quick Quiz!

Celebrate 40th Anniversary of Earth Day with Shelby Farms Conservancy, April 15-26. Wherever your neighborhood is located in our community, there's something you can do as a good neighbor - even just by keeping it clean! Click HERE to find out the fun activities scheduled in or near your own neighborhood.

Earth Day Quick Quiz:

1. Who got the ball rolling for Earth Day in USA?
(a) President John F. Kennedy
(b) Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin
(c) John Muir, founder of Sierra Club

4 more questions & answers.

2. What year was the very first Earth Day?
(a) 1960
(b) 1970
(c) 2000

3. Earth Day in USA resulted in:
(a) EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
(b) Clean Air and Clean Water Act
(c) Endangered Species Act
(d) All of the above

4. Earth Day 1990 focused global efforts on:
(a) Recycling
(b) Mortgage rates
(c) Prices of processed foods

5. The 1992 United Nations Earth Summit was held in:
(a) Tokyo, Japan
(b) Memphis TN
(c) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Correct answers:
1(b); 2(b); 3(d); 4(a); 5(c).