Mississippi at 34.08' & Rising

River Flood Warning for Shelby County, TN
Issued by The National Weather Service
12 pm, Tues. Mar. 15, 2011
(click on map to enlarge)

Flood stage for the Memphis area is 34' on the river gauge, and, from the Memphis bluff, the vastness and width of the River's floodplain becomes increasingly apparent. Unprotected farmland, mainly on the AR side, is flooded, and the drive across the water is about 3-miles. Forecast for Wednesday is for the River to hit 35', at which point the mainline levee system is flooded.

Sunday looks like a good time to grab your camera and join the Sierra Club for an Equinox River Bluff Sunset Walk. Click HERE for details.

For the record:
* at 40', there is exstensive backwater flooding in western Shelby County from the Loosahatchie and Wolf rivers;
* at 48', Riverside Drive and Tom Lee Park is flooded;
* Record River Levels for Memphis: 48.7' in 1937 and 45.8' in 1927.