Bright Colors & big signs DON'T belong on beautiful waterfronts


Weehawken, NJ


Not a sign in sight. That's why when the "colorful topper" suddenly appeared on Beale Street Landing, people were shocked. Some thought it was a joke.

The Downtown Memphis Commission had just brought in experts (Winter & Company, an urban design firm out of Boulder, Colorado) and held 3 public meetings to actively involve Memphians in setting sign code and design guidelines to determine the future look of downtown. Drafts were posted on April 12, 2012.

Draft design guidelines for the Memphis riverfront:
  • Maintain a distinct identity for the riverfront that conveys its heritage and respects the natural environment.
  • Preserve view opportunities to the river from public viewpoints.
  • Enhance pedestrian access to the river and connections that lead to it.
  • Provide pedestrian connections to the riverfront.
  • Promote creative new design for public features that subordinate to the natural character and heritage.
  • Preserve historic features that exist in the area.
Link to Design Guidelines, draft - apply to public projects or projects that seek public money or incentives.
Link to Sign Code, draft - apply to all projects within downtown
Link to Current Sign Code.