Head to Davenport with us for Urban Waterfronts 2013

Last year the Waterfront Center held their annual Urban Waterfronts conference in Washington, DC; in 2011 it was in NYC; in 2010 Baltimore; 2009 Seattle; .... Well this year, they're headed inland to our River, and a group from FfOR is headed there, upRiver to Davenport, Iowa.

It's a great chance to see and hear what other cities are doing on their waterfronts - what's working around the world and why - and we hope you'll join us at the conference, Sept. 25 - 28.

This year's conference is a bit different. The Waterfront Center of DC and River Action, Inc. of the Quad Cities are collaborating to schedule and combine their conferences. You can attend one, both, or parts of both. Click HERE to access a pdf file with details. It can also be reached via the Waterfront Center website.

The Waterfront Center was formed in 1981 to study waterfronts and to help cities define and transform what were often abandoned, underused areas for a wide array of uses, from parks and trails to mixed-use, residential, and industrial projects.  In 1999, they were hired by the City of Memphis to lead public workshops on our riverfront. This conference could be the start of getting us back on track, and we hope you'll think about attending.