A chance to learn from Pittsburgh - 2008 International Urban Parks Conference

Pittsburgh is a world leader in economic development based around parks and clean recreational spaces, and they’re going to show-off their success at the 2008 International Urban Parks Conference, Sept. 21-23. It's a great opportunity to see what they did, the results, and how we can do it in Memphis.

Over the past 20 years, Pittsburgh reinvented itself from post-industrial blight to a city now known as a leader in higher education, green-building technology, and medicine. Ecological restoration of Pittsburgh's once foul Three Rivers played a major role and returned the waterways to the people, who enjoy them from wonderful riverfront parks. The historic fabric of the city, its cultural amenities, neighborhoods, and downtown redevelopment are all part of the rebirth in a city now known as the "Greenest City in America" and "America's Most Livable City."

As we consider stewardship and revitalization opportunities for our waterfront and historic downtown, Memphis's need for hiking and biking trails, and plans for a Sustainable Shelby, Shelby Farms Park, and the Wolf River Greenway -- Pittsburgh’s story is a shining light.

Click here for information about the conference: its schedule, speakers, programs, activities, where to stay, cost, and how to register.