Bass Pro/Pyramid Plan

Critics call it the world’s largest bait and ammo shop. Supporters see it as tourism attraction, downtown asset, and economic generator all rolled into one.

Presented to the City Council and County Commission on Aug. 25, the project report says,
this project isn’t just about Bass Pro Shops. It’s about a new vision for the future of Memphis as landmark project after landmark project gets underway with completion in the next three to five years. In this way, The Pyramid project is a harbinger of equally great things to come.

To read the 156-page report, click here. For information about finances and proposed government programs that could provide funding, go to page 22.
The deal includes leasing more than the Pyramid itself --30.73 acres around the Pyramid, 4.23 acres of added parking land to be leased from the State of Tn,, an additional 4.77 acres of parking land across the railroad tracks along Front Street, and a perpetual access easement from Lonestar Industries. The proposed redevelopment includes 729,904 square feet -- 150,235 for the anchor retail, 42,416 for dining and drinking, 287,100for a hotel complex, 180,164 for an Aviary and museum, and 70,000 for 500 parking spaces.

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