Memphis on track to become Emerald city

Good turn-out and suggestions at 1st two Mud Island River Park meetings!

And, in case you did not read Sunday's Commercial Appeal, it looks like Memphis may soon have a 7 mile Bike/Ped Greenway!!!

Update 3/30/09: County Commission voted unanimously to support the 7-mile Greenway!!!

Highlights on Bike/Ped Greenway:
• 7 mile trail along the CSX line from midtown to Shelby Farms.
• Shelby Farms Park Conservancy is donating $4,775,000 for the purchase.
• $1.5 million federal surface transportation grant for construction.
• Shelby county contributes $375,000 matching funds to get the federal grant.
• Shelby Farms Park Conservancy will administer its development.
• Completion by Dec 31st 2009.
• The county Commission is voting on March 30th starting at 1:30 PM
Click here to read the Commercial Appeal article.

What can you do to help?

Mud Island River Park - Share your ideas at 1 of the 2 upcoming public meetings on the park and take the online survey. (You can skip sections if you're short on time. And it's not necessary to give your name or e-mail address, so don't let that stop you.) Click here for meeting schedule; here to take survey.

CSX bike/ped trail - Attend County Commission meeting (3/30, 1:30pm, 160 N. Main, Suite 450) and contact Commissioners to give your input:
Mike Ritz -
George Flinn -
Mike Carpenter -
J.W. Gibson, II -
Henri E. Brooks -
Deidre Malone -
James M. Harvey -
Sidney Chism -
Joe Ford -
Joyce Avery -
Wyatt Bunker -
Matt Kuhn -
Steve Mulroy -
For full contact info. click here.