What do Cobblestone Lovers Really Want?

We say "YES" to both questions posted in the Commercial Appeal. We don't see a choice of either/or:
  • Is $6 million necessary for Cobblestone Landing repairs to stabilize it and increase safety?
  • Is Cobblestone Landing a historic place that shouldn't be unduly disturbed?

Since about 1995, lots of people, including the Riverfront Development Corporation and Friends for Our Riverfront, have agreed on two common goals:

  1. The historic Cobblestone Landing should be the central focal point of the riverfront.
  2. It is important to have access to the river.

FfOR supports a plan that will accomplish BOTH goals. Without modifications, the currently proposed plan for Cobblestone Landing will not achieve BOTH of these goals. FfOR recommends everyone's careful consideration and review of the plan. We have requested a copy to study the details.