Stewards of our Waters - How they're Saving San Francisco Bay

We're late getting a start on stewardship of our waterways in Memphis, but Wolf River Conservancy and Sierra Club are two of the groups who’ve been making a difference. The conference at Bridges, "Gathering at the River,” and the recent clean-up by Living Lands and Waters at McKellar Lake brought the issue to the forefront.

Now there’s the upcoming 4-part documentary “Saving Our Bay.” Spectacularly beautiful and narrated by Robert Redford, it will air on WKNO each Wed. night April 20 – May 11 at 9pm. It’s the story of the San Francisco bay from its origin to its restoration as citizens became its stewards. It can be the story of our own rivers - the Mississippi, Wolf, Nonconnah, and the creeks and basins that drain into them. (Click HERE for a map.)

Photo of our own Carol Lee Royer paddling in the clean waters of San Francisco Bay.