Bass Pro/Pyramid Plan gets LUCB Nod with "friendly amendment" that Out-Parcels require further Board Approval

The Planned Unit Development for Bass Pro/Pyramid was approved by the Land Use Control Board  this morning (1/10/13) with a friendly amendment that requires more detailed plans for 4 blocks of "out-parcels" be brought back to LUCB.

The Planned Development area covers 47.64 acres - all the land between Wolf River Harbor and Front Street from Auction /A.W. Willis on the north to Winchester on the south. Development is to be in two phases.
Maps at right; click to enlarge.

The site plan for phase 1 shows parking, a water feature, and 4 blocks on the west side of Front Str. designated as "out parcels."  LUCB members supported the development plan but found the plans for the 4 blocks of out parcels to be ambiguous and unclearly delineated.

 "out parcels" in 2008 illustration
The 4 blocks could be subleased by Bass Pro, and, although subject to the Unified Development Code and Central Business District guidelines, the LUCB recognized the prominence of these 4 blocks. In a "friendly amendment," they unanimously voted to require that, as they are prepared, the individual site and use plans for the out parcels come back to LUCB for review and approval as individual plats.

For the Memphis and Shelby County Office of Planning and Development Staff Report, click HERE.

For audio of the meeting, click HERE. Discussion of Bass Pro/Pyramid Plan runs from minute 30:57 - 42.