The Riverfront That Might Have Been (circa 1923)

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This plan for the Memphis riverfront was prepared in 1923 (89 years ago) by Harland Bartholomew. It was the year Calvin Coolidge became President following the death of Warren G. Harding; the first issue of Time magazine was published; and 1.8 million Fords were produced. It was the roaring twenties, and the plan captures the urbanization and industrialization of the era.

We've added a few labels to help you get your bearings. The original rendering hangs now in the Memphis Office of Planning and Development in City Hall.

Thanks to  Memphis Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) for posting the rendering on their website.  DNA's purpose is to promote, enhance, and protect the quality of life in the downtown area and to maintain and foster a spirit of community for downtown residents, business, and visitors. Click HERE for more info., events, their newsletter, and to join.