Trash & Money Problems Surface

@ Beale Street Landing - Trash Problem. Pre-2008, part of this area was a small wetland and much of the debris washed in by the River was hidden from view. Today trash is still brought in by an eddy and part of it trapped between Beale Street Landing's floating dock and sheet pile wall. Unfortunately maintenance and operation costs were not calculated as part of the now $42M project, most of which has been a City expense.

@ Cobblestone Landing - More Money Needed.  RDC says that TDOT regulations and federal cutbacks have put the project in jeopardy unless the City can come up with an extra $1.1 to $1.2M.  Gone is the $7M appropriated by State of TN for restoration of the Cobblestone Landing in 1996, spent in 2002 on the sidewalk at the top of the Landing along Riverside Drive and in 2009 on Beale Street Landing (phase 2).