How BIG are the Bass Pro signs?

They're BIG, and they're not just going on the Pyramid. Here's a map.
(click to enlarge)

Each logo sign  is 66' x 90'. That's 4,169 square feet each; larger than most houses, and they are lighted. There are 4 of them, one on each side of the Pyramid.

Each pylon sign is 64' tall (excluding the flags on top). About the height of a 6-story building, they're 2 -1/2 times as big as the statue of Ramasses and taller than the head of President Washington at Mount Rushmore. There are 2 of them, and the screens are digital.

The entry signs are 23' high and more than 41' wide. There are 2 of these.

To see all the signs in the submitted sign application, click HERE.

Design Review Board meets Wed. at 4 pm at 114 N. Main.
OR email Brett Roler <>