Green Infrastructure - Advice from ULI for Memphis

"A beautiful city, nobly situated on a commanding bluff overlooking the River." - Mark Twain

If you're interested in conservation, sustainability, livable cities, and Memphis, read this short summary of Ed McMahon's comments from a talk in our city June 12, 2013. McMahon, Senior Resident Fellow at the Urban Land Institute, was in Memphis to advise on the Mid South Regional Greenprint and Sustainability Plan.

Some key points that effect our riverfront: 

  •  Planning for conservation is as essential as planning for development, in fact, it can alleviate some of the stresses when planning for future development. 
  • Place-making is important. People come back and spend their money in places that attract their affection, and the natural approach can be the cost effective approach. 
  • You can place a value on a scenic view. 
  • Charleston, S.C. Mayor Riley: "We should give the best of the city to everyone." Creating valuable public spaces can improve overall property values and add to your city's sense of place. 
  • Tourism is all about being unique. Memphis needs to keep what makes it unique and that includes its old buildings and conservation areas. 
  • For a city to survive you need a healthy downtown, and you need historic preservation.