How about this goal for OUR riverfront?!

To knit the unique assets and experiences of the Memphis riverfront into a seamless and welcoming public landscape, planning for environmental conservation, sustainable infrastructure and long-term stewardship.

That's the goal of the Plan that won the 2013 Top Honor Award from the Waterfront Center in Washington, DC  It's the Plan for Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA

Or what about this plan, another Award Winner?

First make the river more natural, including restoration of streams and improvement of storm water quality. Second, make the riverside more urban, including a balance of river recreation opportunities and maintenance of the working waterfront. Third, make the river more connected to citywide networks via trails, parkways and river boulevards.

That's the goal for the Great River Passage, 17 miles of the Mississippi River running through St. Paul, Minnesota.

In addition to the two plans above, nine projects in 6 categories were selected for awards this year:

Category: Environmental/Public Works - 
Bala de Luanda Waterfront Requalification - Luanda, Angola

Category: Park/Walkway/Recreation - 
Brooklyn Bridge Park - Brooklyn, NY
Curtis Hixon Park - Tampa, FL
Gloucester Harbor Walk, Gloucester, MA
Smother's Park - Owensboro, KY

Category: Artistic/Cultural/Educational -
Ghost Fish 107, Port of Los Angeles - San Pedro, CA

Category: Mixed Use -
Urban Renaissance and Execution of Wuxi Grand Canal Qingming Bridge Conservation Area, Wuxi , Jiangsu Province, China

Category: Elements 
Cobble Garden, Surfer's Point, Managed Shoreline Retreat, Ventura, CA

Category: Clearwater Award -
Esplanade 2020, a Vision for the Future, the Ad-Hoc Esplanade Work Group, Boston, Mass.

Click HERE to see the Award Winners and to learn more about the Waterfront Center.