"Friends" Joins MS River Network

Friends for Our Riverfront is proud to be part of the MS River Network, a coalition of 30 non-profit organizations, funded by the McKnight Foundation, who share common goals and are working together to protect OUR River.
  • Land Goal: To restore, protect and reconnect environmentally sensitive lands and use working lands sustainably on a continental scale.

  • Water Goal: To reduce water pollution, restore the river as habitat, and improve natural processes and features that can reduce flood damage.

  • People Goal: To urge people of the Mississippi River Watershed and the nation to treat the Mississippi as a national treasure to be protected, restored, enjoyed and sustainably developed, and as a resource that enriches both the economy and the quality of life.
Click HERE to learn more about 1 MS, use the map to find parks and events up and down stream, and become a MS River "citizen."

Network organizations span the length of the River. For a list, click HERE. In our region, MS River Corridor-TN and Ducks Unlimited in Memphis, Quapaw Canoe Company in Clarksdale, and National Audubon Society in Vicksburg are also partners.