How 'bout Using QR Codes for Memphis Walk Through Time?

They're doing it in Rio - using bar codes, actually QR codes, to give information to tourists and locals. Black and white mosaics are being laid in the sidewalks and it seems to be a big hit.

Smart phones make it possible. Users load a QR app into their phone, scan or photograph the sidewalk mosaic, and it takes them to a website for information, a map, and some history. And in Rio the information is in several languages.

Portugal may have been the first place to use QR codes this way, and Memphis might be a great place to try it next. A relatively inexpensive and aesthetically sensitive way to share information, QR codes could lead us on a fascinating walk through time around downtown and along our riverfront. And they can link us to the sounds of a place, too. Seems like a natural for Memphis.

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