It was a busy Saturday for FfOR volunteers

The morning found us on Mud Island at the Montessori School’s Regatta and at Lichterman Nature Center for Earth Day. By late afternoon, winds were still gusting, but the rain had passed and skies turned blue for Sue Williams as she led a Sunset Walk along the Bluff. Here are some photos.
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Growing interest in the land bridge questions

Lots of people left the February 28th League of Women’s Voters (LWV) public forum with serious questions about the RDC/City plan to dam up the harbor with a “landbridge.”

Among the concerns:
  • What happens to boaters who now enjoy the harbor?

  • What about industries now in the harbor? Will they relocate in Memphis? How many jobs are involved? Who pays for their relocation?

  • The new 50+ acres of real estate that will be created on the dam for private development. How expensive will that land be?

  • The drawings show massive buildings. What will be in them?

  • As with the massive buildings proposed for the Public Promenade, what effect will all that development have on our current downtown?

  • And what about the environmental issues of water quality in the lake - and flooding, drainage, and seepage issues that will result?

Last week the media began to look at some of these questions.
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