There’s more than a Choo-Choo in Chattanooga Today

We wish you’d all been able to join us on FfOR's February trip to Chattanooga. Thanks to the Kruesi Center for Innovation, we not only got a 1st-hand look at the city’s "new" downtown and riverfront but also met with many of those instrumental in the transformation. Here are some highlights and a comparison of Chattanooga with our own downtown and riverfront.
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What You Say You Want on the Public Promenade

It should come as no surprise that most Memphians continue to want an open, beautiful, exciting, green public riverfront. That’s what we’ve been asking for since the Waterfront Center conducted public meetings on the subject here in 1999.

We’ve read your responses to questionnaires about the future of the public space on the Riverbluff handed out when Mayor Joseph Riley spoke in Memphis (Sept. 2005) and compared them to your comments and suggestions at the Civic Forum to Envision the Memphis Public Promenade (February 2006).

Here’s a summary.
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