Has the Bloom left Bass Pro/Pyramid?

With it looking like Bass Pro had something to do with illegally clear-cutting the bank and floodplain along Wolf River Harbor and that they have no intention of rebuilding the pedestrian bridge to Pinch historic district, citizens are again shocked by the retailer.  The Commercial Appeal reports: City on Hook to build Bass Pro garage  It seems that buried in the complex contract between the City and Bass Pro, the City committed to build a parking garage for the megastore.This expensive detail comes as a shocker to many, including former City Councilmen Harold Collins and State Senator Lee Harris.
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What Now? Call for Action

After the floodplain and Harbor Path were clear-cut, the City filed an after-the-fact request. They are asking
the Corps of Engineers and TDEC for approval for what they've already done plus for what they want to do - clear-cut an additional 1000-feet of Wolf River Harbor. They've ironically named it the Wolf River Greening Project.

To prevent more clear-cutting and to begin a discussion to determine how to environmentally restore Wolf River Harbor, write or email

Tell them your interest in the area and your concerns. Request that they deny the after-the-fact permit request, prohibit more clear-cutting, and begin a collaborative process to environmentally stabilize the bank and restore the area.


Where were the Trees?

Before Dec. 12, trees and shrubs stabilized the floodplain and bank of Wolf River Harbor 
from point #1 to point #2 -- a 3,658-foot stretch.

They lined the harbor bank, providing a gentle beautiful walking path and some shade in the summer and a natural habitat for fish and birds, especially migratory birds and butterflies.

The trees and shrubs were clear-cut without plan review or permits.


Help Keep Memphis Beautiful

On Dec. 12, a 3,658' stretch along the eastern side of Wolf River Harbor (from the TN Visitors Center to the Auction Street/Willis Bridge) was clear-cut. After the fact, the City has requested a permit to approve what they did and to continue cutting for 1000 more feet.

They call it the Wolf River Greening Project. You be in the judge --

To prevent further clear-cutting and set the stage for a collaborative effort to restore the floodplain, natural habitat, water quality, and public path along the harbor, please email

Bob.Martineau@tn.gov (TN Dept. of Environment & Conservation). 

Send them comments, concerns, and request for a public meeting before Jan. 21. Help Keep Memphis Beautiful!


Corps Notifies Public of After-the-Fact Application to Clear-Cut Harbor & Seeks Public Comments

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Applicant: Debbie Singleton was deputy director of Housing and Community Development (HCD) under Robert Lipscomb and became interim director when Lipscomb was removed from office. Her online biography says she "has over 30 years experience in Mortgage Banking, Federal Regulatory Compliance and Redevelopment Project Management" and has worked at HCD for 19 years.  

Senior Project Manager: Alan Barner is with O. T. Marshall Architects.