Cleaner Water Ahead for Memphis Riverfront

A long-awaited environmental project is about to make the Mississippi River at Memphis cleaner and safer.  M.C. Stiles Wastewater Treatment Facility, which discharges into the River about 1/4-mile upstream from Mud Island and Greenbelt Park, will disinfect its wastewater discharges.

Photo by Alan Spearman
The Commercial Appeal reported that peracetic acid, a chemical used in the food industry and in treatment plants in Europe, will be used to clean the city's wastewater, that installation is expected to cost $5-7M, and the project to bring the facility into compliance with State regulations should be completed in less than a year. 

Bit of River History to Start 2014

96 years ago on the Mississippi River near Memphis.
George Lee & James Lee in the ice
We've had a couple of bitterly cold days to kick-off 2014, but no River ice like in January of 1918.