Current Brooks Museum Design is a DEAD END for the Bluffwalk

But it can be corrected. We can have both - continue the Bluffwalk and add a museum. We've been told it's an easy fix. 

We  crossed the Mississippi. We connected to the Wolf River Greenway. We built the Bluffwalk. We cannot stop now. Memphis has wanted a connected system of parks along our riverfront forever.

On Wednesday, April 5, the Design Review Board is scheduled to review the current dead-end design. Tell them you want the review postponed and the design fixed. Email Brett Roler today. It's important. 


Design for Brooks on the Bluff

Plans were made available Wednesday for the proposed "Brooks on the Bluff". You may find them confusing, but please take a careful look.   Click HERE to see the proposal. 

The museum's planned site is the block where the fire station and parking garage were torn down. But there's no Bluffwalk!

Review by the Design Review Board is set for this Wednesday (April 5).  You may send comments to Brett Roler. Ask that the review be postponed until a Bluffwalk is added. 


Parking Garage & Fire Station Gone --- a Chance to Promenade Again

The City tore their buildings down, opening up the block bounded by 
  Front Street on the east 
  Riverside Drive on the west 
  Union on the south
  Monroe on the north. 


It's a key section of our riverfront, and now there's an opportunity to continue the greenway system across it, along the bluff above the Mississippi River.                 


The land is part of the Public Promenade, set aside in 1819, for this very use.  


Memphis in May Back in Tom Lee Park for 2023


After lots of controversy and with City help to underwrite any possible damage to the new landscaping of Tom Lee Park, Memphis in May has announced festival dates, posted the Music Festival lineup, and approved teams for Barbecue Festival. Check out the links below for more information, and let the good times roll.

Salute to Malaysia, May 1-31

Beale Street Music Festival, May 5-7

World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, May 17-20

Great American River Run, May 27.