Cossitt - Wish List & Library Friends

The Cossitt is downtown's library, and two downtowners are tackling litter on and adjacent to the grounds each Saturday morning. They'd love to have more helpers, or you can show your support by joining Friends of the Cossitt Library (FOC). Here's information from a recent article by Barbara Standing for the Downtown Neighborhood Association Newsletter:
Downtown Neighborhood Association recently added strength to the Friends of Cossitt when several members joined Friends of the Cossitt Library, (FOC). FOC is a volunteer support group of the downtown neighborhood library which is the original first public library in Memphis (1893) and also the first TN Literary Landmark (1998).

Interested in joining Friends of Cossitt Library? Membership forms are at each library branch and also online: Be sure to indicate you want to join the Cossitt branch library.

Friends of Cossitt “Wish List” :
1. Bike rack.
2. Smokers disposal receptacles, fire-retardant, on library grounds and at bus stop.
3. Better placement of trash cans on library grounds and larger trash can at bus stop.
4. Grounds maintenance of library quadrangle, especially watering!
5. Signage at bus stop and inside buses: “Don’t Be a Litterbug at Your Bus Stop!”
6. Poster in Cossitt near plaque TN Literary Landmark, rotating bits of Cossitt History.
7. Volunteers to help sustain the Cleanup/Green-up campaign. Friends for our Riverfront and Friends of the Cossitt Library
promote a green-up campaign. They welcome volunteers to help pick up trash and do general cleaning, Saturday mornings, in the fall/winter 8:30-10:00 AM. Sign-up is not necessary, just show- up! Everyone is welcome. These two chicks with the brooms are Vernie Kuglin and Lynda Ireland. Thanks for helping to keep our downtown neighborhood library looking great!

Clean-Up Crew Grows/ Tackles Trash at McKellar

It was exciting to see -- about 80 people, many of them students from the University of Memphis and Christian Brothers University, down at McKellar Lake on a Saturday morning picking up trash.

Just like in the Wolf River Harbor, the culprit is "us" and our litter. What's tossed on the street in South Memphis is carried by rain into Nonconnah Creek and then into McKellar Lake. Some of it makes its way into the Mississippi, but large amounts are trapped at McKellar. Colton Cockrum, his students, and City Beautiful decided to do something about it. The volunteers are growing in number and commitment with long-term goals of a carrot and stick approach: a bottle bill to encourage people to return bottles for cash and enforcement of fees for littering.

Join the effort: Oct. 1 and Nov. 12, 8 - 10 a.m., meet on the Jack Carley Causeway to President's Island.

Dave Cornthwaite on the River @ Memphis

Paddle boarder Dave Cornthwaite made a lot of friends in Memphis. He was welcomed and escorted to Memphis by local paddlers up and left four days later dressed at Elvis. It was great to see Dave and Memphis paddlers use our historic Cobblestone Landing. Take a look, and, if you'd like to try stand up paddling, contact Brian at Outdoors Inc.

Play Tourist - Explore our own Downtown

There are so many wonderful amenities downtown, and Saturday (Sept. 10) downtown museums (plus a couple that are nearby) are inviting Memphians to come explore. Some have special events going on, and all are either free or offering reduced rates for the day. Here's a list; click to check addresses, hours, & rates.

Belz Museum of Asian & Judaic Art

The Cotton Museum
Elmwood Cemetery
Fire Museum of Memphis
Mud Island Mississippi River Museum
National Civil Rights Museum
National Ornamental Metal Museum
Slavehaven Underground Railroad Museum
Stax Museum of American Soul Music

Sun Studio
W.C. Handy Museum
Woodruff-Fontaine House

And while you're downtown exploring our cultural history, be sure to take a walk along the River, check out the Cobblestone Landing, and what about a cruise on one of the Memphis Riverboats?

Trash Rack to Catch Litter

Wolf River Harbor is the place litter from downtown and as far east as Elmwood Cemetery ends up. For years there have been complaints and promises to do something about it.

The Commercial Appeal reports that the City is signing a $902,648 contract with LCI to install a trash rack to catch the litter before it hits the harbor. Work is to begin by next July. Click HERE.

Public Boat Ramp NOT Public

or as it turns out, not unless you're considered a VIP or pay $150 to use it.

ABC 24 reporter Jeni DiPrizio has a three part series on the problem:
  • Public Boat Ramp not available for Public Use, click HERE.
  • Mid-South Boaters complain about new $150 Ramp Fee, click HERE.
  • Riverfront Development Corporation is in charge and considers it a VIP ramp, click HERE.

Steamboat Company Hires Out-of-State Ad Agency

Strange as it seems, Memphis's new steamboat company has hired a Jackson, MS ad agency. Advertising and branding work must not have been part of the 580+ jobs Great American Steamboat Co. touted bringing to Memphis in exchange for a $9M loan from the City.

Click HERE