Highways Transformed into Parks

"Before & After" look from "Arch Daily" -   6 cities that built highways but have now transformed them into urban parks: Portland, Seoul, San Francisco, Madrid, Milwaukee, and Seattle.  Click HERE .

In Memphis, the story is different. In 1969, a plan for a 16-lane expressway along our riverfront was rejected, and, in 1971, a U.S. Supreme Court decision protected Overton Park from an interstate.

We escaped the full blow, and, yet, today, it's hard to get rid of the parking garages, lots, and interstate bridge ramps built on riverfront parkland. What's the best way to mediate Riverside Drive and slow down its traffic - reduce it to 2 lanes with a green median, close it, police it? Meanwhile in Overton Park, Memphis is heading in the opposite direction of major world cities; plans call for turning parkland into a bigger parking lot.

Convention Center Renovation

"Now & After" illustrations show exciting changes ahead for Memphis's convention center!

Posted on the Downtown Memphis Commission website today so that citizens can take a look and send comments, design plans for the $175M project will be considered by the DMC Design Review Board at their March 7 meeting. Take a look; we think you'll be impressed. Click HERE.

City Council to vote on funding Tuesday. General obligation bonds to fund project; debt to be paid with revenue from hotel-motel tax and Tourism Development Zone money.