Cleaning Up Our Cobblestone Landing

Inspired by the e-mail from St. Louis, a few "friends" spent an hour picking up trash on our own Cobblestone Landing.

We did it as part of Mayor Wharton's effort to make Memphis a cleaner, more beautiful, and better place to live and were thrilled to receive a certificate from the Mayor at the CleanUp GreenUp festival celebrating Memphis City Beautiful's 80th birthday!

If you jog or walk the riverfront, take a garbage bag and gloves along and spend a few minutes cleaning up our historic landmark.

Greetings from the St. Louis "levee"

Ate lunch at a floating restaurant here. The cobblestones are in good shape, but the view is not nearly as good as ours in Memphis.
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Grab your Binoculars for some Bird Watching

The number of migrating birds spotted in TN is down this year. Maybe it's the dry weather, but none the less, TN, especially along the MS River, is a great place to watch birds, and there are several excellent spots to do it right in the Memphis area. The Ensley Bottoms Complex and T. O. Fuller State Park, Greenbelt Park on Mud Island, Eagle Lake Refuge are among them. Click HERE for a map and info.

A 2001 National Survey of the Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife Associated Recreation TN reports that 1,400,000 people watch birds in TN. Approximately 1M of these are TN residents who watch birds at home. Another 595,000 are residents and visitors who take bird watching vacations.

Greetings from the High Line

with buildings going up all AROUND it...not ON it!
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The High Line is a new public promenade in NYC -- an abandoned elevated rail line converted into a linear park. Can it be a model for Memphis's riverbluff?

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