Event reminder: Wednesday, June 1, 7:00 pm

The Bluff City Canoe Club has invited Friends for Our Riverfront to present a
program on the future of the riverfront, Wednesday, June 1, at the Main Library (3030 Poplar)at 7:00 p.m.

We hope you will come learn the details about the RDC/City plan to develop the Riverbluff and dam up the harbor.
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Chumney position on capital projects

This recent press release from Carol Chumney's office makes a couple of very important points about the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) budget:
  • First, that the CIP budget has gotten out of control, enough so to impact the Memphis credit rating.
  • Second, that the City is making investments in projects that will be hard to stop later and will end up costing 5 times what they appear.
A good example is the Beale Street Landing. We can't afford this project right now, but the Council (contrary to appearances) is actually letting the RDC plow right ahead, using "reprogrammed" dollars. Next year, who will have the political guts to stop it after we've already invested $12 million?
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Budget 101

With all the talk about the City budget and the City’s need for a tax increase, all of us could probably use a Budget 101 crash course. Here’s a stab at it - some information about how the City budget works and how much money the RDC is requesting.
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“Improve” is a word everyone uses when they talk about the Public Promenade, but it depends on who’s talking what the word means.

To Friends for Our Riverfront “improve” links with restoring, renovating, refurbishing, cleaning-up, revitalizing our riverfront park space for the public to use and enjoy. We’re thrilled to find an example right here in Memphis to illustrate how we can do it and what it can mean to the city.
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