Turning February GREEN

Memphians with an interest in parks, public spaces, historic sites, neighborhoods, waterways, smart growth, biking and hiking trails, health and recreation, and smart growth are all coming together to turn February in Memphis GREEN. There are two important events you will want to attend: Greening Greater Memphis on Feb. 8 and Charles Jordan on Feb. 10. Friends for Our Riverfront is pleased to be part of this exciting community-based effort.
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A Visionary Speaks

Charles Jordan to Speak in Memphis

We're in for a treat - February 10

Widely acclaimed as one of America’s most visionary experts on parks and public spaces, Charles Jordan served as Director of Parks in Portland, Oregon for more than two decades and is today Chairman of The Conservation Fund.

He brings a winning solution on how to make cities safer, healthier, more prosperous and more livable.
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Our "River Rat" on the record

John Gary contributed an essay to the Commercial Appeal's recent series on the Mississipppi River. From it, you can savour the long-time river rat's love of the River and his hope for its future. It's reprinted here for your enjoyment. John Gary is Vice-President of Friends for Our Riverfront.
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