Early Fall over the River

This time of year white pelicans, butterflies, and hummingbirds are flying south along the MS River to spend the winter near the Gulf of Mexico. Conservationist and outdoorsman Joe Royer sent this picture of the pelicans and recommends a visit to the River to watch. White pelicans are one of two species of pelicans in N. Am. They can weigh as much as 30lbs., and their wing spans can exceed 9’.

An Architectural Treat

FfOR Board member and architect, Jack Tucker was on hand Sunday, Sept. 23 at the Memphis Heritage/AIA Home Tour, to share stories about his mentor, architect Fay Jones, and to discuss the house's sense of space and detailing. The house, designed by Jones, is located at 5715 Sycamore Grove in East Memphis, and is curently the home of Barry and Anna Gildea.
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Let the Sunshine In

Taking the position that taxpayers have the right to know where their money is going, the City Council voted Tuesday that all records and meetings of quasi-governmental entities must be open to the public. The resolution applies to all groups that receive 30% of their funding from city, county, state, and/or federal governments or who make recommendations to the City Council on policy or administration.
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Catch the Wave

What a great day we had for this year’s Cooper-Young Street Festival! Many of you, stopped by the FfOR booth to visit and sign the big postcard supporting a green riverfront, a clean harbor, and an economically thriving downtown. There were so many signatures, we stopped counting at 300. The national media and civic leaders around the country agree with you. Click here to read a recent article from the Wall Street Journal.