Harbor Pollution Mystery Partially Solved

Trying to figure out why water in the harbor was black, smelly, and covered with a grain-like substance, the Memphis Sewer Dept., the Memphis Storm Water office, and the Division of Water Pollution Control all took a look.

The results:
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New Year's Resolutions - a few suggestions

2009 is almost here, and we'd like to suggest a few alternatives to the standard new year's resolutions. They are inexpensive, green, and good for Memphis.
Here are 5 to consider:
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Beale Street Landing - a white elephant already ? !

If you drive along Riverside Drive, you’ll see that work has started on Beale Street Lanindg (BSL). But the project is far from finished, and much more tax money is slated to be spent in the future. Meanwhile, Majestic America Line, the company that wanted to use the new boat dock, is in financial trouble, trying to sell their boats, and plans no trips for 2009 or any time in the future.

Looks like BSL could already be a white elephant.

Here's the Flyer article that broke the story and other information on the $29.4M public project.
Click here to read the Flyer article.
Click here to read Majestic America’s announcement.

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New Harbor Pollution a Mystery

The Memphis harbor is a tremendous asset for our city, but paddlers have reported new harbor pollution -- "black water, grain-like substance, smelly." The Flyer reported it. The question: What is it? What’s the cause? Here’s the article.
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Voters Across the Country Support Land Conservation

Despite the nation's fiscal woes, Americans demonstrated on Nov. 4th that they will dig into their pockets to create parks and conserve open space. "Whether Democrat or Republican, voters seem to be of similar minds on one issue: conservation," said Will Rogers, president of The Trust for Public Land.

At the polls, voters approved funding for
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"Create Fun Signage"

When Memphians were looking at ways to enjoy and improve the riverfront, one of the top 10 suggestions was to create fun signage. "Create a riverfront-wide, site-sensitive, illustrative system of fun facts and information ... to inform and remind us, to educate and entertain our children, and to enlighten our city's visitors."

Here's a great example from Brooklyn Bridge Park of a fish sign that is both fun and educational.
Click here to read the other suggestions in the Project for Public Spaces workshop report. Page 6 gives more of your suggestions about signage.

A Jaunt to Tunica

Tunica has more than casinos to offer, and on Saturday, Dec. 6, there’s a trip there with the Sierra Club to
• hike the riverside forest on 1.9 mile roundtrip trail,
• visit the outstanding museum – a one-of-a kind interactive,interpretive center that showcases the life of the river and its history,
• watch the sunset, and
• stop in Hollywood on the way home for dinner in an old farm commissary.

Here are the details:
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